Welcome BraCE-DM2 Study staff, coordinators, and PIs. This section encompasses study specific tools and resources for your reference. If you have any questions, comments, or new ideas please contact biosend@iu.edu or by phone directly at (317)278-0594.

Specimen Table

Cohort Population Plasma Genomic DNA
BraCE-DM2 Confirmed and symptomatic DM2, Ages 35+

Study Resources

Kit Request Module

Please follow the below link to access the BraCE-DM2 Kit Request Module. This link will direct you to a REDCap database where study coordinators and staff may request kits, individual supplies, and/or labels. Please allow a total of two weeks for kit requests to be compiled and delivered to your site.

Kit Request System

Manual of Procedures

The below downloadable manual was created specifically for the BraCE-DM2 study. Questions concerning any part of the manual may be directed to Claire Wegel at cwegel@iu.edu or (317-278-6158) for further clarification.

BraCE-DM2 Manual of Procedures

Training Slides

These slides correspond to BioSEND BraCE-DM2 protocol training. Refresher training or training for new staff is available upon request by contacting biosend@iu.edu.

BraCE-DM2 Training Slides

Site Listing

  • Wake Forest University