Samples from both PREDICT-HD and 2CARE can be accessed via the BioSEND HD Specimen catalogs for each study. All requests must be reviewed and approved by the HD Biospecimen Review Access Committee (HD-BRAC). A visual representation of the distribution process can be found on the right hand side of the page.

To guide your biosample selection you will need access to the PREDICT-HD clinical dataset and cohort information which is available through dbGaP. To access this data, please complete a data access request for dbGaP to view the PREDICT-HD clinical dataset or 2CARE clinical dataset information which will guide your biosample selection. If you’re interested in reviewing sample inventory and requesting samples, please complete the data access request as soon as possible, as the approval process may take time.

Once your dbGaP access is approved, BioSEND will provide access to the appropriate catalog after completion of the HD Data Use Agreement

BioSEND will provide access to the PREDICT-HD and/or 2CARE catalog to query for biosamples based on associated clinical data in dbGaP.

Workflow for requesting HD specimens

HD-BRAC Application Process

To request access to specific Biosamples, please provide the following information for review by the HD-BRAC. Submit a single PDF file via email it to

Application Submission Timeline

Please visit the NINDS HD-BRAC webpage for the most current submission timlines.

NINDS Contact

Christine Swanson-Fischer, PhD
NINDS HD BRAC Coordinator
NINDS HD-BRAC Applications