Specimen Table

Cohort Population Genomic DNA Plasma CSF
READISCA Cases (please see Study Details for more information)

Study Details

Clinical Trial Readiness for SCA1 and SCA3 (READISCA)

READISCA is a longitudinal study, designed to establish a well defined cohort of early-stage and symptomless SCA1 and SCA3 individuals and to discover and verify disease-related biomarkers. The study is sponsored by the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke. Investigators who request access to the READISCA resource will be required to comply with the BioSEND Biospecimens User Agreement and/or the Data Use Agreement and to adhere to the Publication Policy.

Study Subjects
This study is still currently enrolling and projects to have a total enrollment of 200 subjects. Biospecimens are available from unaffected individuals with a family history of SCA1/SCA3 and participants with a recent diagnosis of SCA1 or SCA3.
Available Data

Please contact U01SCA1&3@houstonmethodist.org for more information regarding available clinical data.

Available Biospecimens

DNA from blood, plasma, and CSF.